Getting Rid of Mice in Walls

by how to get rid of mice in your home on October 11, 2011

Getting rid of mice in walls of your house is something that should be done immediately the moment you have confirmed their presence in your house. It is because these pests can cause not only a lot of damage in your household especially in food items, but their droppings carry with them different diseases.

There are different ways in solving mice infestation problems in your house. Depending upon the degree of their infestation and upon your preference, you can choose from using natural home remedies to drive them away; mice traps and baits to catch them; or you can hire an exterminator and let them do the job.

Getting rid of mice in walls using home remedies

If the infestation of these pests in your house is not that heavy, you can perhaps opt to use home remedies that are sure to drive away and annoy those little nasty rodents.

On the average, mice have manifested dislike on the scent of mint and peppermint oil. Placing these items therefore on suspected areas where the mice frequent can be a good way of getting rid of mice in walls. Once they have smelled the scent of these items, they will surely get annoyed and as a result you can drive them away.

Another good place on setting up mint and peppermint oil is on the holes that the mice have created as a passageway whenever they get hungry and go out and try to find some food. Placing the items near it can also drive away the pests.

Getting rid of mice in walls using traps and baits

If you do not prefer or you’re not comfortable using home remedies in getting rid of mice in walls, you might as well try using traps and baits to catch them.
Setting up traps can come in two ways: one is through using commercial mice baits and two is through using homemade traps. Commercial mice baits such as glue traps which are readily available in supermarkets, although relatively very simple, can prove to be effective in catching mice especially when placed in the right area.

The most common baits on the other hand contain poison that is formulated to kill the mice once it has ingested the substance. This also an effective way in getting rid of mice in walls but can cause some troubles if the mice gets dead somewhere hard to reach since the dead body will really smell stinky.

Lastly, the possible third option you’ll have, if you do not want the two methods mentioned earlier, is to get the help of experts such as exterminators and let them do the busting. That is a hassle-free elimination of the unwanted pests.

Getting rid of mice in walls might be a tough thing to do but is something worth doing. It is a whole lot better to ensure that these pests won’t ruin your pantry and even cause you health damages because of their droppings. You can choose from which of the three methods you prefer in eliminating them but it is also worth remembering that keeping your house clean would be a good step in preventing these pests to build their nests inside your house. This should give you idea about getting rid of mice in walls

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